News on the Backyard chickens with the new house and yard to be built

The backyard chickens are about to get their first real home.  Here is the large doghouse that the neighbors built and gave to us for the chickens.  I must say that Vanessa, Vanna, Autum and Logan are going to be so surprised when the yard is finished. Hopefully if the weather holds good for us this next week the yard will be done and we will share the girls in the yard. We are so excited and I know they will be having their own backyard home. The garden is a little slow going together this year...too much to do and too little time to do it all....Stay tuned for next week as the building goes on......As the girls await the chicks to go to their own house. Oh, how excited we all about the building.

Newly Listed for MHA Group Listing on Etsy

Hi just posted on Etsy, New group Christmas Holiday Listings are available now. Type the search for MHA for Magical Holiday Artists Group.

Ebay New Patterns listed this week for Labor Day Sale

Check out the new patterns and sales going on over at my ebay. On sale during the month of August through September in celebration of Labor Day - Lets support each other and make it possible to help save others some money and in the process make a littel bit less but let everyone join in...Helping each other is the name of the game and right now everyone could use a helping hand... Raggedyrhondas on Ebay

Paper Mache and Clay Dolls here on my web site

Out and about in her garden with her roses, grape vines and every thing else getting the gardens ready, I am sewing up a storm getting all the little ladybugs and bumble bee dolls ready to list...check out the two newest dolls listed on ebay this week. I started them low in hopes that everyone could have a chance to bid...lets hope we do and also please put them in your watch in hopes that I can get in the pulse....let me know what you think. I hope you love them both....I am working on some new mammy dolls and kitchen dolls to come soon...Happy Springtime Yall, Rhonda


Springtime is here and the bugs are out flying around...the flowers are buzzing with bees and here is the newest just made with her rose. Glittered with micro glitter from Martha Stewarts new glitters from gem stones...SOLD

God Bless You All ....and if you would like to be added to my blog please let me know..will be happy to exchange links with you....Rhonda

Primitive Folk Art Doll SOLD

Brand New this sweet little lady bug dollie just SOLD..She is 18" tall to the top of her anteni and you are sure to love her...She has a sister doll coming this week. She is busy getting her clothes on be watching for her too. She has some cousins listed this week. One has sold and one is listed to end this week...Check them out they are bumble bees...

Well back to the sewing machine and painting table...many new ones coming so please spread the word and come by and have a moment to chill out and relax...Love to see yall there. Happy Valentines Day Early...Rhonda

Primitive Raggedy Ann Dollie Holiday Bear Fabric

Primitive Raggedy Ann Dollie Holiday Special
Holiday Annie, I just finished one last week and just got her listed...Hope you love her...She is 10" tall and she is the cutest lil baby doll I have ever seen...well you know what I mean..I feel in love with her...after I got her done had to hid her from the girls cause I knew she might end up in the play room...but gotta pay the bills so here she is...I got her listed if you can take a minute and check her out...She has red with tiny mini white dot on her pantaloons...and she is a cutie pie...Happy Holidays Rhonda